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What the Press is Saying...


An Interview with the Author
in Voyage ATL Magazine

What Readers are Saying...


"Anderson perfectly captures family life in a small Southern community and the bigotry of that time. Lucas is a character to love for his quiet compassion and kindness in contrast to Alvin Earl’s despicable life as a bully and petty criminal. This is a coming-of-age story with a thread of malevolence running through. It will warm your heart one minute and disturb you the next."- Janice Ottersberg, Reviewer for Historical Novel Society

"Kristine F. Anderson writes so vividly and confidently of her little postage stamp of Georgia, I couldn't help but imagine Flannery O'Connor and her peacocks watching the goings on in Crisscross with great interest. A true southern gem.

- Daren Wang, author of The Hidden Light of Northern Fires

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"Crooked Truth by Kristine F. Anderson chronicles the journey of a young man from boyhood to manhood. Set in the rural south of the 1940s, the story has the magical ability to transport the reader to another time and place in the world. There is nothing better than a simple story told well, and this book certainly falls into that category. Anderson's skill with the written word captures the angst of life as it once was, yet also leads the reader along the path of hope.  

- Raymond L. Atkins, author of Set List, Sweetwater Blues, and South of the Etowah

"With a South Georgia setting that feels as real as the summer sun searing a cotton field, Kristine Anderson’s debut novel provides everything readers want in Southern Gothic historical fiction. She gives Lucas Webster not only a compelling coming-of-age story but also has him wrestle with questions of honesty and integrity that adults five times his age would find difficult to resolve. Lucas is an endearing character you will remember long after the final page." 

- George Weinstein, award-winning author of Hardscrabble Road and other novels

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"Anderson's characters are imperfect dreamers, seeking refuge in the past or trying to glimpse a brighter future... Her story touches darkness, but it is not a grim book. Instead, it is hopeful, expansive, and at the same time intimate."

- Christopher Swann, Author of Shadow of the Lions

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